Cat Cafe Kotissimo

31 Novaya Basmannaya

Moscow, Russia

+7 915 190 0222

Sun - Sat

12:00 - 22:00

Котокафе "Котиссимо"


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Welcome to Kotissimo, the biggest cat cafe in Moscow! A warm place where more than 30 cats found care and love. Each of them had been stray or orphan, now we help them find families. When a cat is adopted we take another one from streets or shelters. Since the beginning of 2017 we found homes for more than 100 cats. If you are a cat lover come and share our care and happiness. Every small donation helps us keep it on.

All our cats are in good health, examined for infections, vaccinated, sterilized, and ready for new families.

The place works as 'time cafe': guests pay for the time spent in the cafe.

Unlimited coffee, tea, cocoa, milk, and snacks are free of charge.


Price (each guest):

1st hour - 400 RUR

2nd hour - 250 RUR

3rd hour - 250 RUR

4th and more - free of charge 

Incomplete hour is charged in proportion to the minutes spent. 

E.g. if you stay 15 minutes - pay 100 RUR, if 1 hr 30 min - 525 RUR, etc.

We accept cash or cards.

If going in a small company like 1-3 persons - you don't have to make reservations.

If planning an event for a bigger group - please let us know (by phone or email)

for we could reserve some space for you. 

Cat Cafe Kotissimo (ex- Koshkin Lounge)


31 Novaya Basmannaya, Moscow, Russia

+7 915 1900 222

Sun - Sat


Please email us if you have any questions: